Red As Blood, White As Clay

Title: The Singing Bones Author: Shaun Tan Publisher: Allen & Unwin Children Release Date: September 2015 The release of a new book by Shaun Tan should be accompanied by a day of national celebration. If the state of Victoria can celebrate a horse race, then it’s not too much to ask that the country as […]

You can’t win the Miles Franklin with space ships

In some ways Melbourne’s success as a cultural city—a metropolis of art and literature—has been a straightjacket for the imaginative arts. Even the phrase ‘imaginative arts’ is a sly sidestep, an attempt to offer a palatable alternative to science fiction and fantasy to preemptively evade the blank gaze of disinterest. A person might proclaim their […]

The Blurred Line Between Life and Story

Title: Radiance Author: Catherynne M. Valente Publisher: Hachette Release Date: March 2016 Headline news 1858: Conrad Wernyhora and Carlotta Xanthea launch a rocket, by cannon, into space. By cannon! Can you imagine anything more majestic, more magnificent, more momentously transcendent, than space travel via cannon? The world of Radiance is not the world we know, […]

Stand like Wonder Woman to boost your confidence

Body language tends to be an unconscious extension of our own internal confidence. Whenever I feel insecure I physically close in on myself, seeking to take up as little space as possible. But as it turns out, body language can have a casual affect on internal confidence. By curling in on myself, the chemical balance in […]

MONA mona moooooonnnnaaa

The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is an adventureland of mutilated, disembodied flesh, technological wonder-pieces and other contemporary art, and all buried in a building in a hill in a winery, 30 minute ferry ride from Hobart. It’s a young space, a completely modern space, and one of the most exciting artistic centres […]

Adelaide Fringe 2011 poster

Each year the Adelaide Fringe Festival holds an open competition for the following year’s poster/branded design. Designers from around the world are invited to submit a design, stripped of any Fringe text or dates, but with only a strong core image to grab the eye. For designers, this represents an astonishing opportunity for coverage and […]

Melbourne Fringe: Round 1

A certain level of commitment is required when it comes to festival programs. That’s certainly not the perspective that festival marketeers want the audience to hold, however there’s an undeniable truth that festivals can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to the game. Bit of advice – take it in waves. A festival can’t be […]